The Progressive: Why White Nationalists Are Working with Hindu Supremacists

A new article in Progressive Magazine explores the collaboration between white nationalists and Hindu supremacists in the U.S., highlighting a shared agenda that threatens global democracy. Its article details the visibility of Hindu supremacist symbols during significant far-right events and the mutual support between these groups and the American far right. The piece emphasizes the dangers of Hindu supremacy, aiming to transform India into a Hindu ethno-state, and its violent implications for minorities. Furthermore, it discusses the involvement of U.S.-based Hindu supremacist groups in promoting anti-democratic values and their connections with far-right politics, including support for controversial policies and figures. This convergence represents a broader shift in U.S. far-right politics, moving beyond white supremacy to include diverse yet similarly extremist ideologies.

Read the full article here: Why White Nationalists Are Working with Hindu Supremacists.

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