Cut from the Same Cloth: The VHP-A’s Ties to its Indian Counterpart

Savera’s second report explodes the VHP-A’s false claims of being an “independent organization” to try and distance itself from its Hindu supremacist origins in India. The report conclusively establishes that the VHP-A:

  • Was established on the orders of VHP founder and RSS Supreme Leader M.S. Golwalkar, who praised Nazi Germany as a model for the Hindu supremacist movement to follow;
  • Has, in its internal documents and publications, repeatedly referred to itself as a unit of the global VHP, in contrast to its public claims;
  • Has remained tied to the VHP since its founding through a centralized bureaucratic apparatus, including co-organized programs, training and coordination visits, and overlapping personnel; and
  • Supports the VHP financially, transferring at least $7 million to the VHP and its affiliates since 2000.
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The Global VHP’s Trail of Violence

Hindu supremacy’s century-long and frequently violent history includes five decades of patient institution building in the United States – a process that began with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHP-A), founded in 1970. This report lays bare the damage caused by the VHP-A, from its complicity in anti-minority violence in India to its growing ties with white supremacists on our shores. We argue that U.S. civil society and political actors must clearly see the Global VHP as a supremacist, anti-democratic force, and a key part of the global far-right.

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