About Us​

Savera is a new platform bringing together a multiracial, interfaith, anticaste coalition of organizations and activists to build a new world where all people are able to live in harmony, dignity, and liberation. We are committed to resisting the rising tides of hatred, and combating all forms of supremacist politics, and the intersections between them.

Our Focus

The United States is currently witnessing its deadliest wave of political violence in decades, primarily as a result of rising far-right extremism. White supremacy bears primary responsibility for this rise. However, as the global hard-right grows in influence, it has become clear that American white supremacists are far from alone in their pursuit of establishing an undemocratic, racist, and exclusionary society. Often, they work in collaboration with non-white American nationalists, far-right misogynists, Zionists, and Hindu supremacists. 

Though these ideologies are seemingly in conflict, analysis shows that their supporters share platforms, fund each others’ projects, and support each others’ efforts in politics, education, and community spaces. The result is a multi-pronged effort to dismantle the most foundational elements of American democracy, while also legitimizing dangerous and violent forms of supremacy that are gaining traction across borders. 

Our response to this threat is to carry on the progressive legacy of the South Asian American diaspora, which has proudly played a role in the Civil Rights Movement, anti-war initiatives, and movements advocating for immigration justice. And our battle against this menace begins at home: by fighting supremacy within the Indian American diaspora. We believe that our community can only flourish when all of us are safe, respected, and regarded as equal. 

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Our Story

Savera: United Against Supremacy began with a group of allied organizations who came together to add an Indian American voice to this ever-expanding movement.

Headed by South Asian organizations of diverse backgrounds, our coalition extends across lines of race, religion, ethnicity, and caste—encompassing the communities most directly affected by exclusionary and supremacist politics.

Our core team comprises the following organizations.

Our Core Values

We believe in the fundamental right of all people to live in safety, dignity, and harmony, free from the threat of violence or oppression. 

  • We firmly oppose all forms of supremacist ideology, regardless of whether it stems from race, religion, ethnic background, class, caste, or any other subset of identity. 
  • We believe that supremacist politics can only be defeated by bringing together diverse, multiracial coalitions based on relationships of unity, solidarity, and mutual care.
  • We are committed to assembling and mobilizing a new diasporic majority, representing the full richness and diversity of the Indian American diaspora, to resist the rise of Hindu supremacy both in India and the United States.
  • We do not believe in combating hate with hate, nor do we believe in sugarcoating the realities of supremacist harm in the United States and the world.

We welcome you to join our movement to create a new beginning.

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